Who are you?

I would imagine you’ve all been here. Stood in my place.

If your years are greater than 30, chances are you’ve danced with romance. Occasionally we hazily recall our earlier years, often synonymous with late nights and the early morning ‘dawn dash’. Mine... well they play back as mementoes of my former self.

Picture credit to Bruno Cavellec

Although I’ve chosen to leave behind the ugly parts of my past, there are some seriously special times that have flavoured me. I’m astounded that I’ve finally found rest, as my younger self was always searching for something unattainable.

The excitement of the unknown, the challenge of where to go next. Anything and everything is possible when you know you can make the magic happen. There's something hypnotically seductive about ‘winging it’, swinging from place to place, country to country. The thrill of starting anew; boundless wonder, ambition and blind naivety.

My world was spiced by tastes of culture I’d never tried before. My early years were starved of colour, and on escaping from them, I found a rainbow of adventures in places I’d never even heard of.

The Reconnect

All it takes is a reconnect. The links that were soldered in years gone by are now rusty, but still remain. Not just memories but a life lived away from here, they are turquoise, yellow, vibrant and fun. They aren’t just faraway dreams, they happened and they made me... well, me.

Where am I going with this? Well, I'll tell you... I’m forty one, forty two this year. Wow, I’ve led an interesting life! Full of colour, variety, depth, experience but most of all adventure. I’ve layers upon layers, to unravel if you ask the right questions.

Boom... and there it really is. Are we all so dull that we’ve forgotten? Forgotten how to ask the questions that bore deep down into your layers?

When is the last time that anyone was interested in you? Focused on knowing everything there is to know, asking the kind of questions that take you on a journey to parts of yourself that you haven’t seen recently. Who digs deep and avoids the superfluous?

Although there are thousands of reasons right now why we can’t travel, the precious time we all have surely can be used to reconnect. The internet knows no limits, it’s free, to speak with long lost friends and carve a new path into the future. Whilst we shouldn’t look back, we can celebrate where we have been.

If we are the sum total of our experiences, good and bad, let’s remember who we really are. How far have you come? Appreciate how you got here.

Profound conversations, rabbit holes, long nights, realisations keep us alive. Spark a question today with someone that resonates with you, start a conversation deeper than a puddle. Think about your questions before you ask them, and think about where you would like this conversation to go.

Use your experience, your life, your adventures and your spirit to delve into real communication. Ideas begin with thoughts, and feelings bring depth.

We are at the beginning again, of a new year. Although I’ve chosen to reflect, I’m not looking back, but forward. I can take everything I am today and remember who I am. A woman of energy that knows no bounds, an adventurer in search of a real conversation.

Who are you?

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