My Story

My Story


I’m a therapist by trade, and a hairdresser, although I keep that on the down low - especially during the lockdown! I’ve been managing spas throughout my whole career which spans 22 years. I worked on a luxury 5 star cruise liner before I moved to Cleopatra’s Spa in Dubai, and later SensAsia Urban Spas. Managing people, creating wellness, and shaping the future of Spa are my passions.




Now living in Suffolk, I manage a beautiful, contemporary, bijou, boutique spa. Nestled in the historic town of Lavenham, Weavers’ House Spa provides a serene sanctuary for the spa savvy. Living in Suffolk is something of a surprise as it was never my intention, but to be honest neither was Dubai. Life blows you in different directions if you are willing to let it.


Throughout my career I’ve been writing. Whether it’s for a magazine, a website, a press release, a spa treatment menu, a new concept or even an advert, it’s always me and I’m always writing. Words, oh magnificent words, evoking feeling, communicating and describing an experience... there’s nothing like it, apart from the experience itself!


With a vested interest in mental well-being, supporting the local community, along with the wellness community on a larger scale, my blogs have come alive. Finally now I find myself charged to make a difference, to speak up and speak out to inspire others to do the same.


I’ve created this hub to tie my work together in a giant bow, for you, the reader to understand what I do and why I do it. This is personal, this is me, both the professional and the person all rolled into one.


Whatever blew you in my direction today, thank you for reading, and if you think I could help you, then get in touch.