What I do...

I’m a wellness blogger. I have my own blog ‘Martinis to Muffins’. This is a lifestyle blog about my transition from my life in Dubai as an expat, sipping on French Martinis to the rural contrast of Suffolk baking Muffins and taking long walks; and everything in between. It’s humorous, honest, and I hope entertaining.


I’m also a guest blogger for the wellness industry and have recently completed a series with Camelia’s Tea House, an artisan tea brand from London. I write for professional organisations in trade news, along with wellness brands.


Having developed a strong network within the wellness industry my experience and skill set is transferable having managed luxury spas ( and still do) and wellness over the last 22 years. a career that I still enjoy.


What I can do for you...


By understanding your intention for yourself or your business I can create your concept, your mission, your mantra and make it come to life. Words can awaken thoughts and inspire action, allow me to help you find your inner voice and write them for you.


  • Concept - breathing life into your brand

  • Offering - explanations of services you offer to inspire your clientele

  • Planning - annual marketing, projects

  • Management - inspiring your organisation with your intention, values and mission



You’ll always need it, and it’s vital to stay relevant and engaged on social channels. Audiences don’t want to be sold something, they want an experience, to understand how ‘ your something’ can be placed into their lifestyle. Let me help you.