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Updated: Dec 3, 2020

I’m an over thinker, and mostly I make measured decisions. I think things through, consider the outcome or the consequence and then make my move. I’ve learnt that I need to sit on a thought or decision for a wee while before I take the plunge. I also know that for something to be ‘just right’ I must wait to be asked or invited.

This thinking is the product of the experience of getting to know myself over the last four decades. It’s a combination of knowing what works, combined with learned techniques from various books and alternative practices that I’ve studied. Working with holistic people means that our conversations are emotionally led; our innate understanding of the layers that build the transmitted energy are felt but not seen.

Working with your feelings, your gut and the unsaid goes against mainstream thought processes, it actually transports you back to your primal roots. Letting go of logic and tuning into your own vibe is a challenge when you overthink. I sway, and fight between logic and vibration.

Like many with anxiety, I can run a drama right up to the catastrophe and back within a second. The worst case scenario plagues my fear-fed thoughts and my mind fixates and whirls around back to the same thought; that said, I can ground myself, and I’ve become adept at managing my anxiety.


I woke up. 

I began to understand for myself the correlation between food, exercise, sleep and motivation. It was always there in the background. You hear people harp on about balanced diets, gut health, 10,000 steps and that everything you enjoy eating is bad for you.

It’s a bore, and it's like someone cancelled your birthday or Christmas, but if you can focus on something good for long enough, other good things will start to happen. It’s all about where you put your energy, and this is where you can help yourself to control your anxiety. That word control is key, because in the thick of it you feel anything but.

Those mornings caked in fear, the racing heart, those melancholy thoughts and severe lack of any ‘joie de vivre’; the happy thief has visited in the night and robbed you of feeling any joy. It’s in this moment that you focus elsewhere, so listed below are the tools that I use, and the rocks that I cling to in my own internal storm.


Cereal!  Not the sugar laden coco pops but a hearty option to get your digestion going. The chewing motion allows you time to process the food, not inhale it. I have switched to oat milk now, and my tummy thanks me for it. It’s far tastier than soya or almond and if you can get the barista version, it’s creamy. The key here is that cereal takes time to eat, chew and swallow.

In turn, that process takes my mind away from my thoughts.


Podcasts are the friends you never knew you missed. I discovered them earlier on this year. They need to be screened as some voices, or content, can scream at you to switch it off. Find your own fit. I listen to 'Happy Place', 'Feel Better Live More', 'Grounded', and 'Bryony Gordon’s Mad World'. I find the best time to listen is either when out for a walk or when I'm doing the housework.

The podcast is best listened to on headphones, and will surprise you by involving you in something other than yourself. Bonus.

Keeping busy

I’m not good if I’m left to dwell, I mean who is? There are occasions when duvet time is what you need, and times when it's best to keep your mind busy. Keeping busy for me usually involves some gentle cleaning and organising. I wish I could tell you I alphabetically index my dvd collection, (who even watches these now?), or vacuum pack my summer wardrobe, but no... I vacuum the stairs. I bake, I write, I walk and more recently, I garden.

An activity, something that gets you on your feet and focused.


Okay, so, this doesn’t mean I don yoga pants and a tie dye tee shirt, douse myself in sage and sit cross legged in the direction of the moon. Normally in a towel, post shower I’ll throw myself in the direction of the floor and start with some stretching. Then, sat in an upright position I’ll find something to focus on and for five minutes I just focus on taking a big breath in, right down into the tummy, holding it for a few seconds and then exhaling. Oh my word... this is magic I tell you - MAGIC!

Diet and exercise

If you know me, you’ll know I love my food. You’ll also know that I eat the healthier options these days, and my love is being outdoors. I tried running, I hated it. I seriously dislike organised 'fun' or classes, but I love my walks. At my own pace, outside and in any weather. I’m happiest when I’m outdoors. Even if it’s a small walk, just do it! The feeling that you’ve done something for yourself is the kind of accomplishment you need to have under your belt so that you can feel justified in reaching for that ice cream.

Word up

Sat on the sofa watching Netflix and eating ice cream has its place, if it’s mixed with looking after your insides. Nothing will ever be achieved by thinking negatively, internalising anxiety and keeping the curtains closed. Learn how to let your light in.

This year has taught me an important lesson. It is time to wake up! Wake up and live life and stop worrying about it. I know this sounds simple, but when you are faced with the hardest times, you want to make sure you’ve grabbed life by the balls. If you can get a handle on your anxiety, and find the strategies to keep the over thinking at bay, then really don’t waste your time on insignificant details.

In a world that is ruled by fear at the moment, don’t let your internal thoughts mirror the chaotic world, rather, break free from it, challenge it, and let your good energy flow within and around you.

Don’t hold back, be you, take chances and be kind. I use my experiences to help others, I hope my sharing helps, so that someone will feel better today.

If you are interested in understanding yourself in more detail, and want to delve into some awakenings then start here.

Ps- when you take on the world, you’ll need the pink tights.

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