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Updated: Oct 18, 2020

I’ve been waiting. Waiting to have the time to write, and when the time is right. Wow. Maintaining lockdown mentality, goals and a smarter, kinder way of living is like wearing lip gloss on a windy day! You want to look and feel like you’re winning but your hair just gets stuck to your lips!  Getting the spa up and running was like opening a new business.  The hours we spent pouring love back into this serene sanctuary was unreal. However,  with the pregnant pause of 4 months closure, this really allowed us to drive the spa into efficiency mode.  Now it resembles some slick German model of time efficient organisation!!

Even after being around now for forty plus years, I still manage to be surprised by people. There’s those that will go above and beyond, driven by passion and a sense of pride. Then, there are those that sit back and let others do the work. I know I shouldn’t be surprised,  or perhaps the word is disappointed. A very close friend and I share a little saying “ don’t get your expectations mixed up with other people’s capabilities “, perfectly apt, 95% of the time!

A week prior to gearing up to work my anxiety returned. All of the fine work I’d done over lockdown seemed to be swept away and that cortisol infused whiz filled my insides with ‘what if’s and fear’.  All those months of feeling happy, free and connected in the click of a finger BOOM.... work. That can’t be right, or indeed good for me.

Now, a few weeks in, I’m beginning to find my flow. After all energy flows where energy goes right?  Brain training is hard when you have 90 mins between getting home and going to bed! How on earth can I fit everything into my days? Lockdown spoilt me, and essentially I was paid 80% of my salary to do whatever I wanted! It’s no surprise that I’m a little resentful spending my time at work and not at home blogging, baking and walking!

How are you doing? Have you checked in with yourself? Have you managed to capture your lockdown self promises and carry them into daily life? I think the biggest mistake we can all make is to not change a thing, to return to old habits and not learn the lesson we were all so clearly given. Life is happier when it’s simple. I don’t think we need bells and whistles, I think we need each other, nature and less choice not more. Simplicity is key, along with finding opportunity in moving through and out of corona times.

My brain has entered loading mode, you know that wheel that populates the screen whilst your device thinks about what you’ve asked it to do! The only way I can switch it off is to get outside and get stuck in gardening. Unlocking your own chill out space is pretty special, you’ve just got to remember where you put your keys!

As life re starts, and stops ( thanks Boris) and starts again, with put your mask on, take your mask off, put it back on again.... there’s a lot to contend with. I say, stand by your lockdown promises, even if you can’t keep them all, but be conscious of them, don’t morph back into old ways.  Now is the time to change, to move and to cease opportunity. Be you, be still sometimes and be kind to yourself and others. It may not be over yet, until we’ve all learnt the lesson, keep listening to your inner self.

Ps- I wore pink tights for work, felt awesome!

Pps- got up early this morning and baked a cake! #livingoutmylockdown

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