Second Helpings...

Well hello, I know it’s been far too long, but the crux of it is that it’s incredibly personal to have your own blog. Whilst I’m apparently hunky dory with writing for magazines and work, there’s something raw about writing just for me. Indulgent, scary and real.

A few weeks ago I had a meeting with someone, we were discussing how life has taught us to read others, to sense and understand any underlying red flags ( we were talking work here ). When I probed further I was given an example of how they observe me. That day I was wearing bright pink tights ( gotta love snag tights ) , it was observed that I am confident and self assured because I felt comfortable wearing such bright tights. From now on in, I want to be known as the woman in pink tights!

Whilst I am confident, strong and grounded, there are also times in my life where pink tights need to sleep in my drawer, until the other me awakens. No, I don’t have multiple personalities, I have anxiety. This turns me in to a black tight wearing, insular, unconfident mess of a woman and although therapy tells me to lean in, I hate it. More recently my anxiety is blended with depression, I think hormones have indeed kicked in, now I’m forty.

Looking in, you can be a peacock, bright, vibrant and enticing. The strength is working through those black tight times to bounce back to bright pink. I pride myself on being authentic, I don’t do well with the wizard of oz types, the fallacies, the emperor’s new clothes. I truly dislike those who don’t do what they say. I mean why bother?

Too many people say what they think you want to hear. How disappointing people are. There are few people that are true, that do what they say they will. When you find one of these gems treasure them. They are the lost treasure in this world of false promises.

This morning I found myself online shopping for more brightly coloured tights. I can hear the birds singing in the trees and my cat is snuggled up next to me as I type. I think I’ll be buying some spearmint green tights next.

Until the next time... with love from the woman in pink tights xoxo  

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