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What if you had a sublimely effective product that you could safely use, no matter the nut allergy? Gone are the days when you have to frantically check the ingredients list in a dimly lit frenzy, frantically searching for anything containing NUTS!, Whilst of course remaining completely calm...

We’ve GOT THIS... Tribe517 has your back!

Introducing THE ONE COLLECTION. This simple, but oh-so-sumptuous product offering ONE Scrub, ONE Cream & ONE Oil, is your solution to the problem of discovering a simplified face and body skincare and treatment. Designed as an answer to the question, ‘What if they/I have a nut allergy?’, this collection has a no nonsense approach to bringing a little ‘no nuts’ luxe to every single application.

The raw blend of these natural ingredients is what makes them so incredible. Hand blended in the Tribe517 Barn, these lovingly created face and body naturals are ‘superfoods’ that feed the skin and lock in all the nourishment it needs.

Each ONE product is multi-use, and of course ‘gender neutral’. This makes it easy to adapt to any treatment, and use absolutely everywhere. Harnessing the very core of Tribe517’s heritage, sweet orange and vanilla notes run throughout, whether it be in the whipped ONE Cream, the glossy ONE Oil or the skin sloughing ONE Scrub.

The ONE Collection - Rich in vitamins A,C & E, let's start with ONE Oil.

Maize- light in texture, but generous with linoleic acid, it keeps the skin super moisturised, and is readily absorbed, for the ultimate in hydration.

Avocado - rich again in moisture, working on promoting collagen production, increasing cellular renewal and accelerating the healing process.

Cabbage seed oil -your personal fighter of free radicals, protector of anti oxidants, this rather magical oil is just the armour our skin needs.

Helichrysum- an anti inflammatory, anti oxidant, antibacterial, antimicrobial and generally all round free radical scavenging healing plant; actually, they were dried and offered to the Greek gods, so definitely good enough for us!

Vanilla - a lover and a fighter, this packs some serious aromatic punch, along with being a free radical fighter, AND it reverses skin damage and slows down signs of ageing. Who said vanilla was boring?

Sweet Orange- this sweet zesty oil promotes the production of collagen, increases blood flow and subtly soothes dry, sore and irritated skin- great for skin conditions.

Tribe517 wraps up the most natural raw ingredients to fight off the most harmful effects of any environment and locks in moisture, truly a ‘ superfood’ for all skins.

Harnessing those key ingredients in each of The ONE Collection, the ONE Cream is whipped with raw cocoa butter in the TRIBE517 Barn to evoke heart warming, white chocolatey comforting notes, and with skin drenching, long lasting moisture, it hits all the dry spots.

The ONE Scrub -Combining ONE Cream with hand folded coconut sugar provides the most sublime toffee skin buff for both face and body, and it can be used directly onto dry skin.

As with everything Tribe517 produces, this is also about your emotional journey when using this lovingly created family of products, which keep you company with their comforting aromas, silky textures and real results.

The ONE Collection is raw, it’s simple, it’s completely multi purpose and it can be used as a substitute throughout your treatments. Made in only ONE size, this means it can be used both in treatments and for retail. We couldn’t have made this any easier for everyone.

Why complicate skincare if you don’t have to? Skin minimalism is where it’s at. Whether it’s a simple cleanse and moisturise or it’s ‘layering’ the products, the only ‘must’, is you ‘mustn’t ’ use too much; a little goes a long way.

The ONE Collection is inclusive for Face and Body- and seriously generous on size.

ONE Oil 200 ml- ideal for cleansing, shaving, and of course, massaging.

ONE Cream 100 ml- ideal for moisturising.

ONE Scrub 100 ml- to buff away dry and dead skin, revealing nourished, clean, smooth and soothed skin.

There’s never just ONE way but many with The ONE Collection, and remember ... no NUTS!

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