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Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Well, this is new... ooodles of time to do everything with love, patience and truly be present.  What a luxury, because you see; it’s all about perspective. Yes, this is a pandemic and the world outside is crazy, dripping in fear. However, if you are locked down at home, following the rules then you are safe, and that’s how you can learn to appreciate time, and how to use it.

It’s taken me a few weeks to gain rhythm, and indeed my own position of where my mind is at, it fleets from one day to the next from good-bad-good. Having consulted my friends, I can firmly say that we are all in the same boat.  Isn’t that comforting? To know that everyone feels the same? For once we are all on even ground. We have peeled back the hierarchy and we are all equal in this, and the unity, sense of belonging is incredible. How the UK 🇬🇧 is pulling together right now is heart warming, we all have the same goal and what a difference this makes.

This morning our PM is in intensive care, he will pull through.  Why am I so sure? Determination!   Don’t ever underestimate the mind, the thoughts you think determines the way that you feel. The way that you feel not only effects how your body responds, but it effects the people surrounding you. The difference you can make is astounding, if you can work with your mind, and that’s more infectious than Covid 19.

So Boris, whether we like you or not, you are our leader and I ( not a Boris fan) think you’ve been doing a brilliant job, making some very tough decisions in a very difficult time. You’ll use your inner strength and you will be even stronger at fighting this 🦠, because you will have survived it. ( I don’t do politics but I do do people). Stay strong Boris and I’ll keep on tuning in to check on you 😉.

Now back to the lockdown, I’m here alone now for two weeks.  I haven’t managed to eat any toilet roll yet, although I believe most households are on a lockdown diet of Andrex... perhaps it’s because you don’t need yeast? Who knows what people do at home.... anyway I can share that I’ve baked, licked the bowl, and filled the house with the aroma of cakes and bread.  I’ve managed my usual trick of coating the kitchen in icing sugar from the frosting - any tips on how to prevent my black marble worktops looking like a Christmas scene would be appreciated.

My family have kept me entertained and I don’t think I have ever spoken to them so much, and boom there it is. Family and close friends, this is where life is at.  This is the crux of it all, this is what matters.  I am sure you all can concur that if this dammed disease has done anything good, it’s brought us all closer together. I have felt somewhat overwhelmed with love, reconnected with people that I deeply care about and this is a lesson.  A lesson of who counts, and who is left in the white noise of the choice paralysis.

When you go back to basics like we all have had to , what have you noticed? What do you miss the most? To return to my opening paragraph I am amazed of what I can feel, hear and see when I simply slow down. No rush, no deadline, no noise... just time. Wow! Is it just me or are the birds happier? Or maybe I just hear them more? Are people friendlier .... from a distance of over 2 metres of course, but I’m sure people are acknowledging and greeting me more on my daily therapy walks? The sky.... oh my the clear blue sky and cloud formations are like I’ve not seen before.  Not to mention the wildlife that’s exploring the neighbourhood now the humans are inside.

I mentioned above my daily therapy walk, I take my hour around 5.30pm in the evenings. This way it breaks up the day and evening so I don’t feel life getting too monotonous. I bound over the fields breathing in the country air accompanied by a podcast... my new discovery.  I realise they aren’t new, but when you work most of the time a two and a half hour podcast just isn’t a priority. Alas, I have discovered Dr Chatterjee and his Feel Better Live More series, my favourite so far is episode 104 - how being kind helps your immune system. I am kind, I’ve always been kind, not in the new hashtag be kind and tell everyone about it way, no I genuinely care. So when I listened to the podcast, and how being kind actually boosts you physically as well as other people I couldn’t be happier. This certainly gave me the feel good factor, along with my daily exercise.

So if you are reading this, I urge you to re frame the time you are spending at home and make this your sanctuary. Stand still, taste your food, smell the air, and use your mind to generate good positive thoughts. Oh and play with your animals if you have them... they’re hilarious until they break your cafetière and knock over a brand new bottle of extra virgin olive oil- another story for another time. Stay safe, stay well and stay home.

Namaste folks!

PS- I haven’t worn any pink tights in two weeks now, may have to whip them out!


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