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Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Life’s a conversation, but at times I feel the need for silence, so that I can recharge, reflect and restore. In that silence I can converse with myself, and this year that has happened like never before; I’ve questioned, delved, and discovered my core. That’s my core essence in case you were wondering....

Stripped of title, work/life balance and social contact, I’ve been on an adventure into the depths of my forty-one layers. The self love I’ve been endlessly chasing arrived when I dumbed down the noise of my life.

For many years I’ve lived on the periphery, looking from the outside in, wishing and wanting. The inability to feel, or tangibly grasp what others seem to have. Disabled with a pocket of ‘what ifs’, instead of 'f**k it’s!'

Now, I am brave in a way that is new to me; I’m free from the complexities of my own mental challenges. It’s flowing and I’m growing. But how?

Aside from the epiphany that took place when I slowed down and discovered an uncomplicated life in lock down, I’ve rediscovered the sheer strength of the support and the shared visions of my fellow female 'tribe'.

My tribe, my people, my thing... is authenticity. Time is the key to developing long lasting, fruitful working relationships. A 'one foot in and the other out ' isn’t the recommended way to achieve this, so quality time spent is an investment. Within every industry there will be people that work synergistically, with similar values, and others that simply don’t fit. Recognise this early on and don’t waste your time if they aren’t in your tribe!

This past week I’ve celebrated reconnecting with my tribe, my industry peers and long time friends, perhaps you could call them sisters, who are indeed 'doing it for themselves', my wellness siblings with their values matching with mine, and paying it forward to share success.

Lockdown taught me that the lost art of conversation isn't dead, and I spent hours re connecting with my tribe all over the world. An email, text or gif, simply can’t replace the joy of a call and those calls continue to be treasured, scheduled and honoured; time is precious and so is conversation.

I’ve had many pleasures over the last week; reconnecting with a long time, quirky sister from my Dubai days now living in NZ, a long lost lunch with a seriously special wellness friend just a stone's throw away in Norfolk, finding a new member of my tribe that is firmly fixed on the same wavelength in Chelmsford, meeting the most talented, inquisitive and kind journalist I’ve ever encountered who was visiting from London, and finally, almost the other half of me, my wellness whiz who is now living in Somerset.

In the last seven days my life has shifted, I’ve spent years on the same path and now I feel a change, a fork in the road. Some of the changes are subtle, others profound and I have found that the power of the tribe has filled my cup and I’m overflowing with support, shared ideas and most of all, equal values. Once again I have been reminded that I am human, that there are other forces at work and if you lean into others, they will catch you.

Who is in your tribe? Where are you investing time? How do your thoughts serve you? Have you moved forwards? What’s your story?

Over the next week I’m going to celebrate my tribe and introduce them to you. These women are all inspirational, supportive, kind, and at the top of their respective trees. Pay it forward, share your skills, share your values and make sure that your values match with your sisterhood's.

Ps- it’s been a tad warm for pink tights.

pps- I’ll be introducing you to the very person who was able to ‘read me’ and my pink tights over the next week.

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