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When you stand in the present moment and look back on the road you've travelled, the view can be amazing, you find yourself able to see what lies directly ahead of you and what it was that went before, but is that really all there is? What about underneath, above, and even what may lie out of sight at the periphery? When can you take a full 360 degree view of where you currently stand, and furthermore, how you got there?

My life this week has been a heady mixture of rollercoaster and revelation and it's had its extreme highs and lows. I found that everything and nothing can happen in a minute, an hour, a day, a month and a year, and although I know this, it always astounds me when I experience a rush of everything all happening at once.

In my last blog I talked about life laundry... well holy sh*t I’ve had a lot of wash loads this week! How we measure where we are in this life can be so very different. I feel that I’ve been a kind of detached observer of my life, lived my life in an abstract manner, and although it's been incredibly exciting, it has also lacked planning, and has been sort of haphazardly successful. I find myself in a situation now where I wish I had been more measured....can we ever have it all?!

At my present age of 42, I now understand that youth can be 'wasted on the young',. Perhaps you can relate to that? I feel that if only I could apply my ‘knowings now’ to my 'knowings then' then perhaps this week would have panned out differently. I'm single, and a career woman, but when I listened to a podcast this morning I was reminded that for those that have had the more conventional successes in life, work, house, marriage and family, are now ‘finding themselves’ and realising that once the tick list is complete... then what?

Never satisfied are we? Always searching for something different/better/newer.

We are embedded in our own thoughts, as many as 6000 of them a day, so making sure that they are positive thoughts is key. It is so easy to believe thoughts, even the false negative ones, which make you feel anything but good.

I think we there would be a lot of you out there that would be waving your hands if I asked you the question... "Do you give time to your negative thoughts?"

I listened to a wonderful podcast yesterday (Happy Place- if you know me, you’ll know I’m a fan), and Fearne was interviewing the author Freya North. What resonated with me was that Freya shared some really personal life journeys, and openly discussed the therapy she's undergone. Since she had that therapeutic input, whenever she has a negative thought, she simply physically turns her head, changing its direction and thereby dispelling the thought entirely. How bloody amazing!! There’s a degree of CBT in there, a physical action to change the direction of the thought, noticing, and changing tack.

My energy this week has flowed into a new place, and whilst events have been turbulent, the energy has been life affirming, I’m going with a whole new flow. Why? How? Let me explain....

Artwork credit to the brilliant Bruno Cavellec

Several years ago, I worked with someone that was very gifted; she would help the senior team of the Spas that I directed decide whether opening a new spa was going to be viable through working with Feng Shui. Before this time, I had been completely oblivious to the merits and benefits of this ancient practice believing it to be utter hogwash, but after working alongside her, and seeing the effect it had on our businesses, I began to take this ancient art seriously, and although this might have been viewed by the wider business community as ‘strange’, we didn’t care, It worked, and we were successful because of it! Not only did this gifted individual introduce me to Feng Shui, as she was also a homeopath she pretty much cured my skin conditions and my gall bladder issues.

Now, here’s the interesting part... it was her that introduced me, many moons ago, to the concept of 'Human Design', and although I looked into it at that time I was young, thought I was invincible, and I certainly didn’t think about what would happen to me as I got older. So recently I have revisited Human Design, looked into my very own unique blue print and discovered that by following my own strategy, there have been immediate and very recognisable changes in my life.

All of my regular readers will know that my personal belief is that you can choose where you send and where you spend your energy. Once you realise that your energy is truly precious you will be better equipped to decide where you use it, what you think about and whether it makes you feel good. Does they actually make you feel good? Or should you be turning your head in the other direction to dispel them?

During this week I’ve experienced a low point at work, a realisation that it’s going to be increasingly harder to get a mortgage, my mother's admission to hospital, a discussion with a doctor about a DNR order for her, a super special conversations with industry colleagues about how to change the way we look at staffing our spas and a personal nomination for the best award ever! Oh, and an awesome new connection with someone that will assist me with my website.

I have chosen to follow my strategy this week, and I feel so good because of it. I feel positive, rested, motivated and strangely smug because I believe that everything is going to work out for me.

So, I think it’s time I shared the love and gave you some links to my food for thought.

Listen to this:

Read this:

My ‘Hush Flow’ is my peaceful mind, and it's where my energy goes. When I’m sat on my sofa, it’s where I recharge. I can’t do as much as everyone else, and energetically, I’m a giver, so my down time is so very important because I want to continue to make people think, to get under their skins, and get to the core of what really matters. Knowing your own strategy will help you understand what it is that you need in order to live a more meaningful life. Wherever you hail from, whatever sort believer you are, or aren't, if my description of Human design has piqued your interest, please follow and explore those links above.

For those of you who are already aware... I’m a Projector, but you may have guessed that already...

Ps- no tights today, only a scarf, Sunday lunch and a blustery walk perhaps...with very dear friends.

Pps- the red tights are worn weekly.

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