First Words

So, just lately I’ve made some pretty significant changes in my life, so I can be a happier, healthier and kinder person. Sorry let me be clear... kinder to myself. Although I’m single, and don’t have a entourage of small people looking at me when I pee, I’ve lived a life of living for others. Feeding other people’s happiness, ego’s and pockets.

Guess what? It didn’t give ME joy.

Okay, I’ve had fun... and a vibrant life, not without sacrifice, loss and pain. Owning your joy, your gratitude coupled with a great attitude is a daily battle. However, life has astounded me in recent months and my downs have been deep, i’ve analysed my own crutches and flaws and instead of masking them, I’ve met them and shook their hand.

These are my first words as the 2.0 version of me. The blog that I’ve been planning for years, my first post. Not writing for work, a magazine but writing for me, and whoever is reading this right now.

Allow me to introduce myself...

I’m a whirlwind... an intense breeze of TLC, creativity, strength, and I’ll scoop you up and take you to new places, help you to explore your mind, think differently. I’m grounded with luscious roots, and free as the leaves touching the sky.

I arrived to Suffolk by default, from the far away land of excess, success, but soulless- Dubai. Spending most of my adult life in the Middle East, it is a part of me and always will be. My highly stressful yet super successful career kept me in Martini’s and designer handbags until my soul ran dry. Longing for a country life, I arrived here wide eyed and clueless. No friends or affiliations with the area... how hard could it be?

Cue the Muffins! The hardest move I have ever made is this one. OMG, no expat friends no cocktails at the latest new bar, no sushi ( yes that’s right). So, what is a girl to do? I learnt how to bake, and I baked for my team at work, to fill in the time. When I wasn’t baking, I was walking, exploring, and getting completely lost.

My blog ‘Martini’s to Muffins’, is all about the transitions I’ve had, and I’m hoping that whoever continues to read my blog can share, relate and use my experiences and help you to find your own joy, and shake hands with your own soul.

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