Hello world, I write from my kitchen of creation.  Yes that's right, I've been getting busy with baking.  In fact, I have been getting busy with being me.  I can only describe this as the concentrated version of who I really am. Pure, like an essential oil (of course there had to be a spa connection somewhere in my musings), this discovery has fulfilled me with childlike energy as I have revisited my essence and I have to say I love it!

This is the permission we have all been waiting for.  The excuse of 'I don't have the time' has been removed (providing you are not a front line worker or unwell), this is your time to do everything you have always wanted to.  Now into a fully fledged rhythm; seven weeks into the lockdown I am sure that we all have explored the possibilities of making our 'ill get around to it one day' plans a reality.

If it's still a plan, that's ok too.  We all have our own handle on this pandemic and time out, and we have different timescales. There's a lot of advice telling us to be kind to ourselves... what does that look like?  Is this a cue to eat what we want, watch what we want and wake up when we want?  Or is it to look inwards to see what is good for us?  I think there are a few camps of thought here, and perhaps it's a process?

I've managed to move my process along a tad and with the obligatory full deep clean of the house that was carefully spread out into the first 2 weeks of lockdown, I've  baked my own bread... with beer, yes that's right beer!  Clearly the entire world has turned into master bakers over night and the supply of yeast is harder to find than the thing you put in a special place... but I have it cracked with my lockdown loaf. Does this mean I am domestic goddess now?  Men from a far will follow the doughy aroma and hunt me down (from a safe distance of course). The sense of accomplishment of a deeply cleaned house, making your own bread is undeniably seductive and I don't know how I will ever return to work.

There it is... that word.  Work.  

How does this make you feel?  This activity that filled our lives, lined our pockets and gave us a sense of who we are. Or did it?  Was it a time thief?  A distraction, a hiding place for us?  Is work just a job to you, or is it your passion?  Can you harness your passions and turn it into a different kind of work?  Are you planning your strategy on how to re build or perhaps something completely new... for the new world that is upon us?   Or are you just simply happier at home being you again?

It's there, everyone is talking about it... the end of lockdown.  Some are prepared, some shy away, some prematurely are planning for something they have zero guidelines for. No one knows for sure, there's no instruction manual, and there are certainly going to be a lot of left over screws.

I say just go with it.  Turn off the news, tune out of social interaction that gives you 'the fear' and just be.  Log onto positivity and possibility.  Bake, create, walk and write, find your essence and who you are again.

 I believe folks,  we have hit the reset button,

Stay safe... until next time

PS- Boris pulled through and congrats on the new bambino Mr J.

PPS- I wore pink tights on Tuesday- felt amazing

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