Alexandra Hurt


Alexandra Hurt

Well hello, and welcome to my hub! Here is the one place that you can read my musings, browse my thoughts and hopefully find some inspiration to look after your own well-being.


I believe in always being authentic. I left my ego behind in my 20’s and now it’s all about being true to myself and to others. As you read, laugh and experience my take on the world through my blogs, I hope that they will become the company you seek, the support you need and the inspiration you've been looking for to find your own strength from within.

“My intention is simply this, to raise awareness of mental well-being, by listening, learning and understanding others and then sharing what I have learned with my readers”.

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Relaxation Reels
(short films for the soul)

Find a quiet place, or pop in those pods and play these melodic, mesmerising reels straight from nature.

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